Bookkeeping ServicesFor small business owners finding time to do the day to day bookkeeping for your operations can take you away from doing what you do best. Our trained professionals can save you time and money by keeping your books up to date and accurate.

Savvy business owners know that timely accurate financial information will keep their business competitive and successful.

Our services include monthly, quarterly or annual bookkeeping depending on the size of your business and your information requirements. Let us take care of your GST & PST returns, payroll and source deduction remittances, workers compensation filing and the many other tasks required to keep your business up to date and in good standing.

Concerned your bookkeeping isn’t on the right track? Our Professional Bookkeepers can review your books and make recommendations that ensure your recording the information you need for proper record keeping and identify possible time wasting inefficiencies.

Initial Set Up & Existing Process Review:

Whether you’re just starting your business bookkeeping or are uncertain your existing process is sufficient, we can help. We will assist your business with the initial accounting software set up and instruct you on how to keep track of information to ensure your business has a sufficient record keeping system. If you have an existing system we will review your process to identify possible time wasting inefficiencies and ensure your business isn’t missing any necessary steps.

We will identify which accounting software package is the right match for your company.  Our team of professionals are proficient in the software used by small business including QuickBooks, QuickBooks Online, and Sage Accounting Software.

Quarterly Bookkeeping, GST, PST and WCB filing:

This is our most popular bookkeeping service and is perfectly suited for small businesses. We will calculate and prepare your companies bi-weekly or semi-monthly payroll along with the corresponding payroll source deduction remittances. On a quarterly basis we are provided with the necessary information to record the business activity. We will complete the bank reconciliations and provide informal quarterly financial statements and discuss the business’ performance with the client. Our firm will prepare and file any applicable GST returns, workers compensation filings and PST returns.

Monthly Bookkeeping,  Payroll and year end T4 Return filing:

This provides the same services as our quarterly bookkeeping but is better suited to medium sized companies. Information is provided to our firm on a monthly basis and monthly informal financial statements are provided comparing actual to budget. This allows your business to make any adjustments on a regular basis to ensure targets are being met. We also offer a bi-weekly bookkeeping service with check runs and/or electronic payments.

External Controller:

For medium sized businesses having a professional accountant to serve as your controller is an invaluable tool but not every business has the need, or resources, for a full time controller. Let our firm be your external controller. We will assist with various items including financial forecasting and budgeting, provide direction on operational policies and procedures, and direct and manage the accounting functions of your business.




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