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Own a business? Have rental properties? Don’t try to navigate the tricky waters of tax requirements. Instead, let our professionals handle your schedules and returns for a worry-free tax season.

We do so much more than standard tax preparation. Rental tax schedules can be confusing and complicated, so trust us to help you maximize your deductions. In addition, we can keep you apprised of all the tax implications of changing the status of your rental operation.

Tax FilingIf you’ve sold an investment property this year, you’ll need to complete a Capital Gain Schedule to report the income. We can assist you in determining your capital gains. Schedule an appointment and bring your information in now, and we can help you estimate your tax burden and help you take advantage of other strategies to offset your tax liability.

Business owners must also file a business tax schedule with their personal tax return, and our team can guide you in finding the best bookkeeping system to meet your needs. Small businesses are full of challenges, so let us take care of this one for you. We will find a system that is the best match for your skills, needs and budget. In addition, we can advise you if or when you should consider incorporating your business.

Monthly, quarterly and annual bookkeeping services include preparation of GST and PST returns. Our professional team will calculate and file your GST and PST online so you will avoid costly penalties and interest. We will also alert you to trends in your business and industry so you can adjust your business practices, if needed, before problems occur.

Remember that information returns (T4s and T5s) are due by the end of February each year. Our professionals can calculate and file those returns for you, too.

Similarly, most trust tax returns will be due by the end of March. If you’ve lost a loved one, let us help you deal with this complicated and emotionally difficult process. We can assist you with both the Final Tax Return and subsequent trust returns, if required.

We also offer tax services for charities and nonprofits, helping your group stay within the guidelines required by your funding organization and the provisions of your charity registration by filing the right information in the right way and on time.

Give the accounting team at Janet E. Helm & Co. Inc. a call today at 604-502-7705 and let us get to work for you.

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