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As you grow into your senior years, you experience a chance to enjoy a fantastic portion of your life complete with amazing grandchildren, the free time to truly revel in your favorite hobbies, and spend more time with loved ones. It is also time to think about what lies ahead, and it all starts with proper setup of your elder care and estate planning needs.

Estate Planning and Advanced CareEstate Planning

Talking about a future without you in it is not the happiest of conversations, but it is necessary. If you don’t have these conversations early, your wishes for your belongings and final arrangements may not be sorted the way you wanted.

When estate planning, it is important to make many important decisions. You will want to prepare an inventory of your assets, for example. This will include your home, investments, retirement accounts and any vacation properties. You will also want to list all your debts. Leave nothing out of your plan.

As can be expected, the conversation with your family and friends about what will happen to these assets will be awkward, but it is absolutely necessary. Discuss everything you have, decide how it will be sorted out, and get your plans down in writing. It may be uncomfortable at times, but proper estate planning is essential to ensuring that there are no unexpected burdens or questions during an already difficult time.

Advanced Care and Health Care

Advanced care, or elder care, involves having an open conversation with your loved ones as you describe the health care treatment options that you will want to have implemented if certain health-related situations arise and you are unable to make these decisions on your own.

Essentially, this plan involves either stating your wishes in full or providing instructions for an individual who you assign to take over decision-making for you following your direction.

The process is quite simple, advises the British Columbia Advance Care Planning website. First, have a long and detailed conversation with your family members and friends regarding your thoughts and wishes. While you are speaking, discuss the health treatments you will and won’t accept. Set everything in stone. Finally, stay safe by placing your documented advanced care plan in a safe place where the people who need it can find it.

Plan for Your Future with Janet E. Helm & Co. Inc.

When you work with Janet E. Helm & Co. Inc., we will get you on the right path to proper estate and elder care planning. We offer the options you need and the guidance you require to get everything sorted out so you can get one more thing off your plate. We can also help you with financial planning to ensure that when you retire, you can do so comfortably and with enough saved to carry you well into your golden years.

To get started on your retirement, elder care and estate planning, call Janet E. Helm & Co. Inc. today at 604-502-7705.

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